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Ethics Hotline Reporting


1. Objects of Report

* Is mandatory

제보대상 입력폼

* The company to which the person to be reported belong must be chosen.

Type of object of Report *

* The region of the informant must be chosen.

* The country of the informant must be chosen.

2. Contents of Report

제보내용 입력폼

* The title must be entered.


* The content of reporting must be entered.

*Available up to 20 items.

* Up to 20 files can be attached.

Relation with the object company

3.Information required when checking the report result

* Required field

제보결과 확인시 필요한 정보 입력폼

* ID available.

* ID not available.

* ID is required.

* Please double check ID.

* Combination of 8 or more characters including special characters

* Password is required.

* Password must be at least 8 characters including special characters.

* Password and password confirmation do not match.


* The captcha must be entered.

* Registered ID and password do not provide separate re-checking procedure if lost. Please register carefully.

Code of Ethics

How to use anonymous reporting 닫기

If the contents of the anonymous reporting are not specific and not founded on clear facts, investigation might not be conducted.

Anonymity Reporting Info Cancle

Have you input all field, correctly?